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Update from today's visit, we got blood & urine samples for testing. I got the pleasure of collecting the urine sample myself @ home, they have this neat little special catlitter that doesn't absorb anything . Called "nosorb" it's completely sterile and hey bonus - comes in a little cup that is perfect for returning the sample back to the vets

Results back either Mon or more likely Tues.

We've upped her fluids from 150mls twice a week up to 150mls every other day. This is inpart due to her excessive drinking and also to give more support to the kidneys flushing more toxins without as much work involved from them.

Everyone at the vets office is amazed at how well she is doing considering everything she's been through

She's eating great, energy is great, happy little grrl

Duffy got to say hi touch noses with a beautiful Samoyed a pet of one of the staff at the vets office
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