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As I said, that's what I have done in the past, with good success. I've also done it with the realization that I was putting myself into a situation where, if the dog did not get the message, I could wind up with bites. Also, it's usually been when our dogs were younger. I also have enough strength that when my face is that close, I'm holding the dog's mouth, and they can not open it or pull away from me. It's all about psychology, and showing the dog that you are in control. When they growl or get aggressive, they are trying to control the situation.

Again, I want to reiterate that I'm not an expert, this is what has worked for me. It's also been suggested that the little voice that is supposed to go off when you are doing something that would be considered perrilous may not work very well (or just doesn't like me, which explains my skiing, mountain biking, and goalie career... ) I also think that, whatever approach you take, you have to do it 100% and not show any nervousness or fear, because you do need to be completely confident with trying to regain alpha status (even if momentarily lost.). One more disclaimer...when I do get hurt, it's usually with the realization that I probably deserved it (again, with my dog, skiing, mountain biking, etc)
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