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Unhappy Possible Soloxine side effects?

On the advise of our vet & after appropriate thryoid tests ...four weeks ago we started out large 7 yr. old mixed breed (80 lbs.airdale/dob we think) on two .5mg tabs of Soloxine daily. About two weeks later we noticed excessive licking around genital & anal areas with a lot of unusual ear scratching as well. Upon checking we found large blackened skin areas, almost looked bruised or burnt, with crusty bleeding sores covering the entire area. Took him back to the vet & she prescribed 750 mg caps of Cephalexin antibiotic twice daily for three weeks. We are using a big anti-lick collar & also are applying Vit-E to affected areas. While it seems to be clearing up a little in the affected areas...we are finding new areas daily, on outside rear legs, chest, look almost like "hot spots" etc. While it is possible we just missed these area before...our concern is that it is spreading.

Our dog has never had ANY SKIN/ ALLERGY problems ever. Is it OK to stop the Soloxine to see if it clears up. This is the only thing we can think of that has changed. Thanks for any help.
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