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To all,

I went on the internet to find a reason for my kittens symptoms, and found this forum. Let me tell you first of all, you are all such kind and heart warming people, I sat in from of my laptop and was just breath taken by your stories and advice for each other, it was amazing to find so many people coming together and helping one another. my heart goes out to all of you.

My reason for searching was last night i found an ad on the internet for kittens who needed homs in my town and responded. I have a kitten (Jangkins) who i thought may enjoy a friend. I got a quick response from this kitten woman stating they were still available and where she could drop one off for me. She came by this morning with our families new member (Cypora), who looked to be quite healthy from the look of her. After spending some time with her i realized she has worms... i left the room to put a load of laundry in and when i came back her eye was dripping, i quickly washed it with a warm cloth and left to get worm meds for her. When i returned i found her laying on our living room chair with a nose bleed.

After cleaning her and giving her a nice bath, she was back to normal and playing about as kittens do. Until an hour later i heard her crying, I found her in a corner crying and trying to pass her stool. I tried to get her to the litter box in time but on our way she went, which is fine I dont mind cleaning after her under the circumstances, but her stool was covered in blood.

All in all I'm not sure what to say she has but am so afraid to take my wee one to the vet, and am dreading monday. After just a few hours with Cypora, i cant stand to think of our home without her. But am also very wrried about my other wee one Jangkins, as i dont know if she may get whatever this may be. Please, any help is appreciated and definately welcomed. My son and I dont want to let our little ones go.

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