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I completely agree with Lucky. My oldest, Red, actually bit me shortly after I got her. She wanted to get to another dog, and I wasn't letting her, so she turned around, and bit me! I was in shock, but I grabbed her muzzle and stared her straight in the eye, and spoke loudly and firmly to her, saying "NO! WHAT WAS THAT? YOU DON"T BITE!" She never tried it again.

Definitely don't back down from your dog. He can become even more food agressive if you don't lay the rules down now. I would suggest if he snarls or growls at you, that you speak loudly and firmly to him, and make sure he knows that you will not tolerate his lack of respect for you.

I know it sounds harsh, but it really worked wonders with Red. Now, not all dogs are crated equal, so try the technique you think will generate the best results for you and puppy!