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Dog training - teaching the drop it command

Okay, my 7 month old toy poodle (neutered male) is a total sweetheart. He has learned a lot of commands, and he's well trained in almost every respect. One aspect of his training that I kind of gave up on is "drop it." When I walk him (I live in an apartment), he often finds food garbage that I don't see in time to steer him away from. When it's something quite large, I used to say "drop it," (but he wouldn't) and then just pry his jaws open and pull it out. Kind of gross and annoying, but no big deal. However, his jaws are a lot stronger now, and prying them open and pulling something out is dangerous as he really really wants to eat that food!!! Yesterday it got rather serious, and he even snarled at me!!! It was really unlike him, as he is a very good natured and loving pet to both of his owners and to all strangers.

Today he found another big chunk of food and I just let him eat it because I didn't want to go through that again! What should I do? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Thank you in advance!