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Roadrunner, just go to that link I posted up there, sign up to be a member and post any questions you might have...the people there with experience will be able to offer guidance and suggestions...

Remy's mom...oh my gosh what a horrible, horrible experience for your poor kitty! I can only begin to imagine how awful that must have been for you to come home to that terrible scene...I would have been an absolute wreck! It sounds and looks like the little fella's in good hands (that's a lovely bandaging job). I know you're in a "wait and see" situation right now, but I did want to chime in on something I have experience with: ampuation. You can see in my siggy that I have a german shepherd who has only three legs. She lost a foreleg due to a leg deformity when she was a pup. I just want to say that I know how horrible the idea is of amputation, and how scary, and how it seems like a cruel thing to do to a young animal, and you wonder how they will cope or how they will feel afterwards...

but I can tell you quite honestly and sincerely, that animals do JUST FINE with one less leg. In fact, most are back to their old activities and feeling fit as a fiddle within two or three weeks after the surgery. My girl goes on long walks, plays fetch, does stairs, plays with other dogs...and she's a big girl. Kitties tend to do even better because they're small and agile. Sometimes, amputation is a good solution for an animal whose damaged/injured/deformed/cancer-ridden leg is causing them pain and difficultly getting around. Just a thought, and a for you. Hoping your little one feels better soon.
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