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I agree that if she started having house issues at 8 she should have been seen by a vet immediately. She may have a Urinary Tract Infection that could be causing her great discomfort (could be why she has trouble getting up and down, it's very painful - my lab couldn't climb the stairs which was the first sign she was in discomfort and off to the vet - same day relief with meds). If she is spayed (gosh I hope she is) then it could be spay incontinence as mentioned earlier by Chases Mom. MyAkita X has that and takes Stilbestrol once a week to keep it in control. It's very cheap and effective. A friend of mine was going to put her Rotti down at 10 years old because she started leaking and I was horrified. I told her to take her to the vet and check for a UTA and/or spay incontinence. She's now two years later still going strong taking her pills for incontinence and my friend is horrified that she almost killed her dog for this!! Good luck with your dog, a vet trip is definitely in order. Plus her heart is probably broken being separated from her family. How sad for her.:sad:
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