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Exclamation Sick Malamute from being outside?

My dog, Maya, has recently gone from being exclusively an indoor dog to an outdoor dog due to her no longer behaving as if she is housebroken and having other recent behavior issues. She is approx 8 yrs old, a female Malamute or Malamute mix and about 125 lbs. She has been outside for the last month or so, but with access to the garage, and in the last week has started whining often, then she seemed to have a fever (dry warm nose) and now had a discharge from her eyes. In the last day that discharge has become thicker and yellow/greenish and she has suddenly had a hard time walking and getting up and down, which seems to be getting worse. She whines very often and has lost some weight I think. I plan on taking her to the vet on Monday as soon as I get home (I have to be out of town for work until then) but am worried that she will worsen over then next day and a half. Do you have any idea what could be affecting her? My daughter is home with her now and I'd like to be able to tell her something she can do to make Maya more comfortable. Please Help!
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