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remy's mom

So sorry to hear of your kittens experience. We so quickly become attached to our pets, and feel so responsible for them. So please remember, what has happened is an unfortunate accident! The first couple of weeks will be very stressful for you, but do not loose hope. Your kitten is very young; and in a loving environment.
From the reading I have been able to do on nerve damage - all indications are that nerves repair very very slowly. We have to be patient, which is not easy. Kittens are amazing little creatures; and over the past weeks I have had some amazing experiences shared with myself that have been very encouraging. What you little "Remy" needs most is your love. Do not be quick to loose hope. Your vet obviously wants what is best for your kitten too. That is what is at stake at this point - what is best for your little kitten; and it sounds like you are taking good care of "Remy". If "Remy" can stay physically strong with good food and rest, give the little body time to heal. Patience. Right now you too are in shock. We try to give them the best. However, accidents do happen!
Will follow your little guys situation. Take care of yourself too.
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