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Exclamation Remy

Remy is one of my two kittens that I adopted. Today when I came home from work I heard crying from my apartment. When I opened the door I found Remy hanging from my bedroom window by his paw. The window apparently slammed shut directly on his little paw trapping him from getting out. The wall beneath the window where he was hanging was full of blood and scratch marks and he clawed the tile of the windowsill till it broke off. Remy put up a hell of a fight trying to free himself but didn't succeed. When I opened the window his hand had the same impression as the window frame, it was unbelievable. Straight out of a looney tunes cartoon episode. Completely cripple. All his claws were gone from the struggle his nails completely off his paw. His arm looked dislocated from his shoulder down. Limp. He couldn't move it at all. I was in complete shock,panic crying hysterically. I immediately called 911,311 used Google did everything I could trying to find an emergency animal hospital. I couldn't stop crying on the phone to each person I spoke with.

When I got to the hospital the doctor told me he has to do some xrays. If it's a fracture then they will put a cast and it can be repaired. However, worst case scenario if it's nerve damage and the nerves do not heal themselves, the leg will have to be amputated. I didn't know what to think or what to expect all I could do was wait. When the xray came back the doctor showed me Remy's arm. All the bones were intact. Not a single fracture or bruise. I already knew what the deal was and started crying again. The doctor told me to wait it out a few weeks. He will bandage the arm,give him a steroid shot and antibiotics if the arm doesn't show any sign of functioning then they will have to amputate it. I've never hurt so bad in my life. What can I do to help my Remy?
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