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>>>>>>GROWLER: Hi Mandy, is this Henry the ARF cat that now has early stage CRF or one of your other cats?

yes--he's the poor fellow who was ARF a month and a half ago.

>>>>>>GROWLER: Can you list the Creatinine, Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN or Urea), Phosphorus, Calcium and Urine Specific Gravity (USG) from the most recent tests.

Last test results only included bloodwork; she couldn't get any urine from him a week ago. On Oct. 20, though, she did, and I remember her saying his urine is very dilute (he drinks A LOT). Here are the last two tests, the first on 10/20 and the past one on 11/7:
BUN: 25, CRE: 2.1, Phos: 3.0---------two weeks later: BUN:26, CRE: 2.3 (the only above normal limit), and Phos: 4.6 (obviously way up in two weeks). She seems to think it is because I switched his food in that two-week period, from Hill's K/D (awful stuff) to EVO venison.

>>>>>>GROWLER: Does the vet have him on any treatments now?

No, she did mention one (Azodyl) but says "it's not time for that now."

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