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? found worm in dog urine

I am stumped with this find. I have been online all morning and have not seen or read anything that tells me that dogs have worms in their urine.

Our new addition Dakota. She is a Great Pyr and will be 5 mths old on Nov. 18, 2008. I have been having test at the vet as she has been sick with crystals and white blood cells and a high ph.

So after all the testing they inform me that she will have to go through her first heat cycle. She has no crystal anymore in her urine and there were no white cells in her bladder or stones. The only problem was her PH was 7. It went from 7.5 to 6 back to 7. I checked it this morning and it seems to have gone back to 6. They changed her food for this problem but she lost a tooth and cannot chew large hard kibbles at the moment. I will return it and then try the orijin on the market. As she is a large breed and adult food at the moment concerns me even if the vet said she should be fine.

They also gave her worm medicine and gave me a syringe with some more to give her 2 weeks later. So a week from this monday I will give her second dose.

This morning I decided to check her urine's ph. Well low and behold I found a worm in it. It is 1/2 an inch long and looks like it has legs and a brown head and lines on its body. Can this be. I cannot find anything showing dogs have worms in there urine. I find it hard to believe that I got it from the grass this morning. I used a laddle to get her pee and a bright flashlight. Any suggestions as to what is wrong. Are they coming out from the worm medicine. I will check it daily now. As I am very concerned. I will be dropping it off at the vet this morning when they open.
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