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Hi Mandy, is this Henry the ARF cat that now has early stage CRF or one of your other cats?

Can you list the Creatinine, Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN or Urea), Phosphorus, Calcium and Urine Specific Gravity (USG) from the most recent tests.

Does the vet have him on any treatments now?

The Wellness canned Turkey; Chicken; Beef & Chicken; Evo 95% Vension; 95% Beef are the lowest phos of the grain free holistic foods I've tried. My grrl when she was eating canned didn't like either of those Evo varieties but loved all three of the Wellness ones.

Nature's Variety Instinct flavours look like they are all 0.80% dry matter phos but that is the min/max levels not an acurate value and I know for sure the rabbit is higher than 1% phos. As mentioned in my thread I tried to get an absolute value from NV but they just directed me to their site.

The Wellness values I listed in my thread are absolute values cuz the company rep emailed them to me. I do not have the values for the pouches however & the flavour combinations are different. If you check the back of the pouch it will give an amount of moisture and phos (among others) on the label if that is listed as 'not more than or min/max' that is also not a 100% accurate value. If it lists a nutrient analysis and/or gives an absolute value I can convert the dry matter basis for you.

From the geocities site you can see some of the crappy foods (Friskies etc) have low phos numbers too but what you gain in low phos you lose in overall healthyness

Raw definately is best but some cats just will not recoginize it as food, so it takes time & patience.
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