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Originally Posted by mandyb771 View Post
I just tried to buy it at my local store the other day, and she said they were discontinuing it indefinately,
I hope not! My dude loves it.

Originally Posted by mandyb771 View Post
And the raw food is the premade stuff (Nature's Variety chicken). He just can't seem to stomach the consistency, or flavor, or something.
My cat (Aztec) hated Nature's Variety raw at first too, but now he loves it. Maybe start with just some plain chicken (thigh or breast) from the grocery store. Boil it lightly and see if he'll go for it. If so, you can cook it less and less until he's eating it raw (not more than 10% of his diet since it's not balanced). He may just need to get used to the texture and smell of raw meat, which is quite different from any commercial pet food.

Some other tricks for getting cats to eat what you want:
- Sprinkle some powdered freeze-dried meat treats like Halo Liv-a-Littles or Real Food Toppers on the canned/raw.
- Pulverize a favourite kibble and sprinkle that on top.
- Some cats like a dusting of parmesan cheese on their food.
- Mix the new food with something irresistible like plain meat baby food (no onions) or tuna.

I also find just leaving the new food on a plate next to the cat's regular dish so they get used to the smell can be helpful. Sometimes they'll even try it when you aren't looking. It's okay to leave canned food out all day, and I even leave raw out for several hours (although it tends to dry out and get LESS appetizing - but my cat will still eat it).
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