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sciatic nerve damage situation

I have read your information over many times and wonder - how is Thai fairing?
We recently introducted a kitten into our family. At 5 1/2 months we had her spayed. To our dismay, the vet caused sciatic nerve damage to her back leg either from a post-surgery injection (which accidently could gave gone into the nerve); or from having her leg tied to tight during surgery. Regardless, our kitten now has an injury and I wonder - will she ever be fully able to walk properly again? She was totally dragging her back leg. Her leg is now in position and she uses it although it is weak. She walks well on vinyl flooring, but walks with her foot folded under when on carpet - knuckling. From surger to today is approximately seven weeks of recovery time.
Did Thai ever fully recover? Curious to know how things went for you.
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