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I dont know if your electric fence is similar to the one at my dads, but we got it around when they first came out with a lifetime warranty. The collars will emit a low pitched beep that is hearable by the dog, so when you are guiding him around the area, u pull back when he starts to get to close/collar starts to beep. If he doesnt go back he gets "shocked". We did this with our great dane and cocker spaniel about 3 times a day till they caught on, which took no time at all.

I know after they got use to it our dane would not leave the yard if her life depended on it, even if u took the collar off, and if she somehow got over it like if she couldnt stop in time or rlly uberly wanted to follow us we basically had to carry her back over. But other then that i find it is a rlly good product, and have no problem leaving the property in vehicles.

Oh and we didnt have any trainers come out, they basically showed us how to teach them after the installation and that was it. Good luck with yur pooch and hope he gets use to it soon, he's so adorable >.<!

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