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My very honest opinion (please don't hate me) is that (no, not the forum) looks like the website equivalent of a set of lego from the 80s.

The primary colours, the boxiness of everything, the overly cluttered-tiny-text-everywhere-you-look madness makes me just not read any of it.

Please, I beg you, no more boxes or primary colours.

Please make navigation of the site less overwhelming. Though I don't love the aesthetic, the Urban Carnivore site makes good use of tabs to organize information.

Also, just a random suggestion, everything looks nicer with good photography. If articles could be illustrated (with a photo) and the front page had a big, beautiful photograph(s) I think it would really go a long way to make the site stand out and be nicer to look at.

Oh, and also (I promise to stop after this ) the font! Something a bit more, um, round, would be good and using fonts to differentiate between titles, area headings, etc. would rock.

Hope that wasn't obnoxious.
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