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No new pics yet, I'll try today to get at least one more. She is much better and seems to me that she knows the 'lump' is gone. She gets up much more easily and doesn't seem to realize she has her T on at all. There is no drainage at all from where the drain was removed and she is now protecting her toys, bones and 4 ft around her from the cats.

She seems constantly hungry, every time I make a move for the kitchen she is there right behind me begging for food. She had her chicken 1:1 with rice last night and I'll be adding eggs and the other ingredients one at a time today. We are going to continue givine her the Hi-Cal because it has all the vitamins, minerals and iron in it that she needs to heal. She is also taking the Geri Tabs without complaint... I drop one on the floor she picks it up and eats it, so no problem with her taking THAT pill anyway. I think from now on I will alternate the chicken and beef because I think she may be tired of eating beef and that's why she refused it and this way may give me an opportunitey to slide some liver in there too.

My vet is going to be so pleased next week when we take her back to have her stitches out, because as she said 'she made it through the surgery, I'm happy'. I know I am thrilled at the outcome.

I am definitely going to try to get a pic for everyone even if its only with the T pulled up so you can see the incicsion. Thanks everyone
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