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Hi Dukieboy

Isn't it so sad and nuts that people don't understand what great dogs pits can be? But we are working with a media driven - fear based society and the pits & rotties get the all the bad press. You really have a great opportunity to re-educate the public about pits and you sound like you are up for the job.
We had BSL here in Denver but they stopped it this past year. We have had so many attacks and deaths from dog attacks here - I can understand why people who don't know dogs would be scared. But I consider it our job to educate and expose people to emotionally healthy dogs and try to reverse the damage that has been done.
I didn't mean to say it was bad to do group classes for the socialization, but just that there are so many other (cheaper) choices available. Any and all (safe) socialization is best.
I suggest to my clients that they put a bandana on their dog (pits & pit mixes) - it makes them look friendlier and less scary to the general public. If you can teach him to carry a ball in his mouth that can also create a feeling of playfulness in eye of the beholder.
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