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LOL all she did last night was chase the cats and look for food. It looks like she's through the worst of it However, we are still trying to find the foods she's willing to eat. She is turning up her nose at rice or noodles or anything starchy except white bread. I suppose it's better than nothing. She seems to be catching up on the food she missed, constantly asking for food or treats.

I was so happy to get the T on her because it is so nice and light and doesn't restrict her movement at all. I have to get to the pet store and buy another T so I can change this one. She is much happier with the T than she was with the bulky dressing.

Since we adopted Pepper 3 years ago she has bitten us a few times. It has always been associated with her being frightened. She also didn't like us to trim her nails or the hair on her feet. In the early days she drew blood with her bites but now she just lets me know she doesn't like it. I think she was frightened when I tried to put the T on because she'd never worn one before or she also could have been in pain. Now we have a cure for it, if she shows signs of biting, I get her muzzle out and put it on. Then we are both happy. She doesn't mind at all wearing the muzzle which I found very odd when I first started using it.

I will try again today to get a picture of the incision and her standing so you can see the huge difference in how she looks.
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