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Well here is the first picture of her. It isn't very good because we had a set-to over the dressing and the t-shirt and she almost looks a little scared in the picture but she was just very ticked off that I had put her muzzle on her to get the t-shirt on after she bit me.

The dressing came apart and her incision was protruding between the wrap and she was starting to lick it. We took it off and were planning to put another one on because the T-shirt had not fit at the vet. But she looked so happy without anything on that I decided to try to T-shirt. We managed to get it on and it does fit. I didn't want her lying around on her incision because the rugs haven't been cleaned in awhile and I was afraid of infection. So on went the T-shirt after a bit of a fight. One thing at least she has the energy to fight me, she is a very stubborn girl and knows exactly what she wants/doesn't want.

I will try to get a better picture later showing the incision and her standing so you can see how good she looks without it. In this picture you can see the bulge that is left where the lump was and it seems to be irritating her a bit, but the drain was in the middle of the lump and that may be the issue.

As for her food. She loves ground cooked chicken that we bought last night. So she is now eating bread and ground chicken and we are starting to add her rice back into the chicken very slowly. I think she is just fed up with the beef since she found there is something else at Thanksgiving when I gave her the left over turkey after stripping it off the bone.

Karin that is a great idea. I actually have a soft cervical collar that would be ideal if the t-shirt doesn't work out or I have to take it off and wash it. The vet assistant suggested an e-collar but at this late stage it is really out of the question. My vet also didn't want her wearing one because it disturbs the dog too much and usually isn't necessary when there are other alternatives.

Anyway here goes...the first picture:
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