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Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
When she first came home I wondered if she had a bad taste in her mouth because she would start to grab something to eat it and then spit it out.
Does she lick her lips a few times after doing this? or when offered food? - She could be a bit nauseous still either from the surgery or as a reaction from the kidney issues to the stomach acid. Are you feeding w/raised dishes so her head is above her stomach level while eating? This should help if it is stomach acid induced nausea

Does she like Salmon? You could try some Salmon Oil on her food, I just started Grizzleys for my CRF cat. Not only does it help w/constipation, improves skin & coat, provides essential fatty acids but also encourages her to eat cuz she loves the flavour

I'm so glad Pepper is doing well for continued improvement
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