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Thanks Hazel for all your suggestions. I cooked some liver last night trying to get her to eat something with protein in it instead of slices of bread which she seems to love. When I pretended to taste it and chew it she looked the other way and when I then offered it to her she got up and moved to the other room. I tried several different methods of getting her interested in it and none of them worked. I'll try again once she's eating a bigger variety of food. I will be buying more molasses tonight and will add them to her regular food and see if that catches her attention. She is such a fussy eater I can't believe it. She has always been very particular about what food she will eat, but this is worse than it ever was.

She will have the stitches in for 14 days because my vet is away this week and wants to see her when she gets back. I assume she will do more blood work then. Her colour is much better than it was the day after surgery and the Hi-Cal and geri-tabs should do their work if we can get her to eat something more nutritious than she's eating now. Her behaviour is much more normal now and I expect the food issues will clear up in a few days

I really wish I could take the dressing off becaused the incision needs air to heal properly but if she is going to lick and chew it, I can't risk it so I've compromised with a roll of gauze so that air can get at the incision and she's not paying any attention to it.
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