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Petsmart Trainers

Hi There
I dont want to start a big debate here but I have been a pet trainer with Petsmart for 6 yrs now and when I first started with them Yes I will agree that it didnt matter who you were a cashier a floor cleaner you could be thrown a book and CABAMHHHHHHHH you were a dog trainer I worked so hard to change the attitudes of the public when I came on board and it was tough but I had been training dogs for 15 yrs and had to show the public that, it probably for my store took 2 yrs to change peoples opinions but Petsmart stands behind rescue groups and helps them alot so I stuck it out as that is something special for a big store to do they really dont just sell dog food.
Then petsmart got it together and put a program together about 2 yrs ago with 6 behaviourist including Pamela Reid and revamped the course in EVERY store
And each tranier has to do a 120 accredidation course and at the end of that they are evaluated by a Area trainer and if they are ready will do classes if they are not they will be trained until ready or let go. And when they are just starting their own classes they are limited to no more than 5 dogs at one time.
I feel Petsmart has come along way in the last 2 years so maybe come on in and have a sitdown and just watch a class it may change your out look.
Thank you for listening
Take care
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