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I just wanted to throw in my

I like Rustycat's recommendation of a post treatment culture. Great idea - even if a culture was done. It is important to know that the medication worked and we are not letting a bladder infection sit around when so many can go without symptoms. Also a bladder infection can ascend into a kidney infection.

There was a mention that Convenia was labeled ONLY for certain types of infections. Unfortunately if doctors only prescribed medications for what they were labeled for we would have to work with very little and we would be in a lot of trouble. Cephalosporins work well with UTIs!

Here is some information on the where cephalosporins get concentration into (from Plumb's Veterinary Drug handbook fifth edition)

"Cephalosporins are widely distributed to most tissues and fluids, including bone, pleural fluid, pericardial fluid and synovial fluid. Higher levels are found in inflamed than in normal bone. Very high levels are found in the urine, but they penetrate poorly into prostatic tissue and aqueous humor."

Hope that helps!
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