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sorry for not posting for 2 days, I was so tired after all this that I slept and didn't come online until today. On Friday the 31st we took her back to the vet again for her dressing change and antibiotic by injection. She was thrilled while the bandage was off and rather ticked off when it was put back on. The drain was removed too without any difficulty. My vet gave me her Saturday antibiotic injection to bring home and give her, which I did. (I am a retired RN) I was also instructed to remove her dressing today, and if there was any drainage to replace it with a lighter dressing.

I removed the dressing today and there was a tiny bit of drainage but I wasn't allowed to put anything back on the site because she lay down and growled. SHe also has a new bone in front of her which she thought I was going to steal. I put a small dressing under her and will check later to see if there is any drainage that would need a dressing, before trying to put something back on her. She seems to be relishing the freedom of having nothing on her as she had a towel wrapped around her followed by vet wrap to hold it in place. It was rather bulky and I know I would hate it so why shouldn't she.

She is going up the stairs to get outside without a problem but my son is still carrying her downstairs to prevent an accident. She hasn't stood up since I removed the dressing so I don't know if she is able to walk more easily since the removal of the big bandage. She was taking very short steps with it on.

She is still not back on her food yet and I think her stomach is still upset. She will eat small amounts of peanut butter, cheese, slices of bread, and the Hi-cal which we are still giving her until she is completely back on her food. She is also taking Geri-tabs. She will also drink the liquid from chicken noodle soup I've given her but she is not the least bit interested in her usual rice, with beef or chicken. She also ate a can of salmon feast (Fancy Feast) that I was feeding one of the cats and a can of chicken flakes that I had. I hopefully will get her back on her regular diet when she heals but right now I want her to start eating and it doesn't matter what it is as long as she eats. When she first came home I wondered if she had a bad taste in her mouth because she would start to grab something to eat it and then spit it out. Anesthetics ften leave people with a bad taste in their mouths so I thought it was possible. She also coughed a bit when she tried to swallow something that seemed a bit dry as though it was getting stuck in her throat.

She is doing so well now I am thrilled. Every day she is more active and is also taking on the cats when they walk near her, barking at them like she usually does. I tried to get a picture of the incision to post but she was having none of it. I will post one as soon as I can get one that shows the difference in her now. There is still a bit of a pouch where the lump was because my vet did not remove any skin because of all the blood she lost. So the position she's lying in makes it look like at least part of the lump is still there so I want to get a picture with her standing before posting it.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to everyone, after all the support you gave us. I will post at least one picture hopefully later today but I wanted to bring everyone up-to-date now.
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