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"I highly recommend giving a dog diagnosed with a nasal tumor NSAID. Mine takes deramaxx. As my vet says, there are studies that show NSAID might slow the progession of the tumor and/or shrink it. If it doesn't do either, the one thing it does do is give the dog pain relief and an appetite."

Sabran - Alas, your advice was 6 months too late for my sweet little dog but I'm so glad that had it's working for your baby.

Keep us updated! Hugs to you and your "rascal."
Sorry I couldn't help you. But maybe somewhere along the line..this information will help someone. The internet has become a great tool for health..both in human and animals.

Back in May I posted the story on this thread about the roller coaster ride I went through with her. It's been a very stressful journey of not knowing what was next. All the vet will say is..she'll have nose bleeds and one day they won't stop. Also, there come a time when the deramaxx will stop working. In the beginning every nose bleed I thought was the big one. Every morning I thought she wasn't going to make it through the day.

Because of the longevity of her illness, I've become less anxious in dealing with the her problems. Like a person at the end of the life...I want her to enjoy the time she has left. It's hard...knowing that this will eventually do her in. I've learned not to focus so much on the end and enjoy the time she's still with me.
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