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Question November 2008 Challenge - Leaves - flora - yard pics

What are all the ideas for November? All I can think of at the moment is playing in the leaves.

Exactly what I thought of when I seen the thread.

*looks around our yard* ummmmm what about snow play? *L*

How about celebrating because soon they won't be bombarded with election ads!

How about, since some are still enjoying fall and some are enjoying () early winter, we use a more abstract theme like 'transitions' dogs playing in leaves are helping prepare the yard for the transition to winter...dogs playing in snow are making the transition to winter...but also any transitions, related to weather or not. Like showing the pet 'helping' out in the nursery to prepare for the transition to 'new baby in the house'. See where I'm going or is it too early to have had all this coffee already?

I noticed that LOLcats (and dogs) are becoming more popular on this site.

Maybe it's time for a LOLcats (and dogs) contest.
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