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She wasn't that interested in the food but was definitely interested in seeing me with a lot of tail wagging and whining as I expected. Though I did want to see her, of course, I was concerned about her reaction when I left her there. bendyfoot my experience has been the same as yours when dogs are visited and not taken home but thanks for sharing your experiences and insight. My experience with dogs after surgery is that they get all excited to see Mom and expect to be taken home then. So I thought it was too bad that she wouldn't eat their food because I didn't want to get her upset. Every dog I've had that has needed surgery has been the same.

I took her outside to pee and she did very well and didn't seem to be in pain at all. She is more awake now and seems to be standing and moving without a problem.

I took her carrot toy with me and she was very happy to see it. All was fine until I went to put her back in the cage..oops that's NOT what she had in mind and stood like a rock, impossible to move and the vet had to take over to get her back inside. LOL she wanted to come home but until she spends another few hours there we won't know if she'll be coming home later today or tomorrow. A lot depends on whether she eats or not. It was a very promising visit and I was so happy she acted normally and without pain. I'll post later when I find out if she coming home today or not.

Thanks everyone for your support of us, it helped get me through the night.
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