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It's possible that Pepper's just suffering from a bit of an anaesthetic "hangover"...that plus pain meds can make for one supremely weirded-out dog who doens't feel right at won't eat or move. Once the meds start to work out of the system, they start feeling better. Stitches on the side of the body can feel really weird too (my girl had a forearm amputation, right to the shoulder) and can make them not want to walk as much (they pull, itch, etc.) IME it's not so much pain but overall feeling of weirdness that makes them act "off". I bet that once the stitches are out, if not sooner, she'll be 100% fine and better than ever. Let us know how she's doing after your visit! Oh, remember too, that many dogs suddenly become hysterical cry-babies when they see mom or dad (I worked in a vet clinic and saw many post-op doggies, who were calm and alert and happy as clams in their cages...until mom came back for a visit and suddenly they were big wailing puddles of woe...then mom leaves and they're fine don't be too alarmed if she's very vocal or seems worked up, it's all an act put on for your sake!!!)
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