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Originally Posted by Karin View Post
After what she has been through, even with the pain meds, I am sure she will still be a little ouchie. And depressed. Her world is a bit upside down right now.
Can you bring her a shirt that you have worn recently? Your scent may be a comfort to her.
I suggested that I should bring her favorite toy if she would be staying another night. They said she seemed to be having no separation anxiety at all when I suggested it. She has a shirt with her that she has worn at home and has all the nice cat and dog and people smells on it. She will wear it home if she is paying attention to the incision at all.

They also told me that she is not eating either, and they had to give her some high calorie liquid to make sure she is getting enough nutrients to give her strength. She has been on a homemade diet for weeks now so I am not surprised that she wouldn't eat the Hills K/D because she didn't like it when she was at home either. She was off her food the day before she went for surgery and I wasn't sure why.
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