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Originally Posted by growler View Post
It's a good thing that you got her in fairly quickly for surgery then, she could've bled out.
I'm glad the vet has kept her overnight, this will help her on the road to recovery a little faster and it never hurts to have her checked on during the night
More for a good recovery & this helps w/the kidneys too
When I heard that she was anemic and possibly from blood loss I was very happy she was already booked for the surgery because it would be so sad if she had bled out before we knew anything about it. I really wondered when she started lying on that side and tumour moved to a position of being behind her when she lay down because I knew it was attached even though it looked like it was completely independent of her body. My vet and I had discussed that there were blood vessels probably attaching it to her body so this new position really seemed odd to me and I wondered what was happening on the inside.

Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
for Pepper. I am sure she is in good hands and needs her rest.
yes that is one comfort, I know she is in good hands
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