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I posted here last year when two of my three cats developed a lump after having their FLV booster - and cat flu booster at the same time. Luckily, tests showed it to be a fatty lump, and not sarcoma, but I had a very nasty few days and Barbie and Ellie had what looked like a rather horrific operation. Now, I have no wish to put them - or me - through that again, but neither do I want them to be at risk.
They are indoor/outdoor cats. Barbie is almost four, her kitten Ellie is almost three. They had the initial FLV shot two years ago with no reaction, and then their first booster last year with the reaction. Curiously, Elle's litter mate, Cleo, was diagnosed with FLV when they were first brought into the shelter. Both Barbie and Ellie tested negative, although they shared a litter tray, food, and groomed each other.
From what I've read, I don't necessarily have to get them vaccinated against FLV, although I still will have them vaccinated against the cat flu. I don't really want to for obvious reasons, but I would like some other opinions. Thank you
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