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Well she's out of surgery but things are still very touch and go because she lost a lot of blood. The incision runs from her spine down to her belly with one drain at the bottom of the incision. The actual Lipoma was lighter than my vet had estimated but it still weighed 10 lbs.

My vet found that she had been right about the cause of her anemia, she found a large pocket of blood and vessels between the Lipoma and her body because as the Lipoma had pulled away, blood vessels were torn and the pocket of blood formed and Pepper had been bleeding into this pocket. We were supposed to go and pick her up between 4 and 6 pm but my vet said she now doesn't want to move her for 24 hours so Pepper will be staying the night at the vet. We may go over later to see her, but I think it is probably important not to move her or get her excited today.

So we pray and pray some more that she will make it through the night.... Pepper is now lifting her head after the surgery and seems to be holding her own.
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