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MALAMUTE -We need help for our Family Member. Friend and Pet (Polar)

Hi All

I hope anyone can help us.

Our male malamute turns 10 on October 28th and has been aging gracefully over the last year. He is very tirm and just this past May he past his annual check up and there were no signs of hip, back or other problems.

He is very fit and he used to love his walks and even sometimes he would run around like a puppy. He used to always sing out at just the sign of seeing his leash.

This is an inside family dog and we have had no health issues at all with him to date.

Two weeks ago we noticed he had an increased amount of flatulence (A lot) and it was almost human in volume and loudness. Every time he did it he would turn his head towards his tail end and try to smell himself. At first funny, however, we started to think that maybe he sensed something was wrong.

We also have a male 65lb Cane Corso 8 month puppy that he has dominated and lately it has been teasing him and trying to bite him more often. It is evident when you watch that he can't even defend himself and he stands there and simply allows the puppy to bite him. Unless it goes near his head and then he tries to grab the puppy in a very aggressive manner. Out of character for him but we think that if he does get the puppy he will not let it go because it is obvious that he is annoyed. Again out of character for him.

Over the last 2 weeks his tail, at the very end of his back, has become clumped up where it is connected to his spine and his raised up 3/4 to 1 1/2 above the horizontal line of his spine. His once proud tail now hardly ever raises up. He keeps his tail tight between his legs under his rear end. He is mopey and does not walk far and he no longer wants to go for any type of walks past the end of the street.

We changed his diet lately. He always ate human and sometimes times canned dog food. About 4 months ago we changed his diet to adult dry dog food and he has been fine with it and he still has an appetite. Having thought that this may be the cause. I am now cooking for him and he is not geting any dog food any longer.

As of this past Wed. I am now giving him about 1 1/4 cups of the following cooked foods all mixed together
brown rice
chicken stock

He is eating it down and loves it.

Over the past week he has had accidents in the house almost every night and his stools are very waterly and border line on diarrhea.

He snarls at even us when we try to lift his tail and he is very sensitive when you touch his rear thighs.

Any assistance and or direction that anyone can help us with would be great.

As I said this is a family dog and is really loved and he is to young to leave us yet.

Thank you very much in advance.

Stephen and Family.

Please respond to this email address and to ensure that I get your responses immediately.
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