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SENSE-ible Dog Harness

(Yay my first product review)


To make a long story short, When we first got Maggie she had a HUGE pulling problem. She would also lunge at other dogs, even if they were on the other side of the road. I was actually scared that she would someday manage to pull us in front of a car. I watched a lot of the petfinder training videos to get her to stop pulling, but with a 100lb dog "Be a Tree" is more like "Be a Twig" .I tried a Gentle leader head halti thinger ,It stopped the pulling but Maggie hated it and took about 15-20 mins to get her to let me put it on her. We were getting to a point that I don't think she was even enjoying the walks anymore :sad:

FINALLY I tried SENSE-ible Dog Harness, Clerk at my local pet store swore by it. She is also a dog walker so I decided to give it a shot. It was a little expensive, about $40 after tax. The change was instant though, Maggie could still sniff easily and look around but she stopped pulling me. She actually gets excited every time I take it out because she knew it meant going for a walk. As for lunging at other dogs it did not cure it but it subsided enough that I could actually ask people if she could go and greet there dog (98% of the time it's a yes ) when before she just looked way too frightening to consider it.

Soon, Maggie will not even need it anymore Check the website on full details of how it works (site explains it best I think). I guess it depends on the owner and the dog, but I give this product

Note : I don't have any good pictures of Mags wearing her harness because she is kinda wiggly when I take pictures, but if I find one I will edit my post to include it .
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