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The time is finally here and Pepper is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday morning Oct 28th. The risks are quite high because lab work done on Thursday indicated that her kidneys are getting worse and she is now a bit anemic so I pray for her to make it through the anesthetic and recovery period

In the last week or so the lump has become much looser and almost seems detached from her body. She now lies on that side and believe it or not the entire lump will be behind her shoulders and back. It is moving that much around her body. When she stands it is hanging down as seen in the pictures but a little lower now. My vet thinks that it is the movement that is causing the anemia because the small blood vessels between her body and the Lipoma are breaking as it moves around which makes sense to me.

My vet is concerned about the amount of blood loss there will be but she is hoping for the best of course. She told me she wouldn't have agreed to do the surgery if she thought the results would be any different with a specialist surgeon. I feel more comfortable with her doing the surgery because I know she really cares about animals and will fight to keep her alive if anything unexpected happens during the surgery. I saw her do this with my GR when he had a stroke but there was no chance of bringing him back.

I hope you will pray for Pepper to get through the surgery and make as full a recovery as possible. My vet hopes that after the surgery Pepper will live another year.

Thanks everyone for your good wishes for her, keep your fingers crossed she will make it through. I do have good vibes about it.

I'll let everyone know as soon as I know
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