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These are great suggestions... thanks so much!

I tried to crate train her as a pup but she'd have no part of it. She was much happier when I baby-gated off the front porch. I'll probably do that again. I had a x-pen for her... she escaped.

I like the idea of the sling.. I've tried with the towel, she stands completely still and will not move. Should I be using the sling now, or is it more important after the surgery? I will order the one on Pet zone... if they deliver to Canada. I'm willing to bet if I can buy one around here, it will only be for a small dog. You'd think Newfoundland Dogs would be better represented in Newfoundland!!

My vet did mention that they are likely to blow the 2nd ligament within a year of the other one.... really hoping to avoid that!

Since we do have so much time before the surgery, I am trying to get a bit more weight off her before then, she's lost 12 lbs since March and I'd really like to get another 10 off before the surgery. She loves pumpkin; I've given it to her when she's had digestion troubles.

Thanks Kandy... good to know your out there!
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