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Originally Posted by axgray View Post
Hello Everyone,

I am new to this thread. My dog, Willy was diagnosed with nasal carcinoma the end of June. I've had two bleeds but since I starated to make all his food grain free and treat him holistically he's been doing well. Lately, aat night he starts to choke and has trouble getting his breath. This wakens me and I spend a lot of time trying to comfort him in the middle of the night. Has anyone else experienced this?

I feel I need to make a plan for palliative care. Has anyone done this?

Thanks for listening.

Hi, Andrea. Sorry you're going through this.

Is Willy lying somehow differently at night than when he sleeps during the day?

We had a dog with a different type of cancer--a hemangiosarcoma. The discomfort he felt from it when it hit his lungs was well-controlled with Rimadyl, which was the newest NSAID available at the time. Have you talked to your vet about pain management for Willy? There are a number of newer NSAIDs (Etogesic, Deramaxx, etc...) and other pain meds available now. If Willy is uncomfortable, they may offer him some relief.

Best of luck with Willy, Andrea. I know I don't have to tell you to spoil him rotten. He sounds like he's in loving hands.

Please keep us posted.
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