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One thing I noticed in the ingredients is that there is no chondriton? Did I read correctly?

When Hazel had her surgery, the ortho vet said that she would need a g/c supplement and said that Gyco-Flex and Cosequin are the only supplements that have consistently passed tests to make sure that what the label says is in the supplement is actually in the supplement - but I thought that Gyco-Flex was the human form?

After Hazel had been on the cosequin for a while, I saw that a new formula was being made available (called Dasuquin) that had the MSM and also ASU's (avocado-soybean unsaponifables). I read a research study that concluded the addition of the ASU's & the MSM were much more effective than g/c by themselves. Hazel does not limp at all, but since she didn't limp once she had healed from her surgery, I cannot truly claim that this is due to the supplement or the surgery itself. She will stay on the supplement for the rest of her life, so as she ages, I would imagine that I'll know whether the supplement has done its job. I do know that while the ortho vet warned us that her other knee is extremely likely to blow the ACL, that normally happens fairly quickly after one knee goes - and it's been over a year since her surgery, and over 2 years since she first blew out her knee with no indications of any trouble in the other leg.
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