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What most people don't understand is that we don't think your dogs should have to do things for treats all the time, unless he needs it. I cant stand to hear these so-called training experts preaching about how clicker training is bad, or treat training is bribery, and that they listen to the needs of their students to judge what collar they should use. Generally these trainers that attack PetsMart, and other such training programs are generally afraid of a little competition.
I am most definitely not a so-called trainer. I have done a ton of research into dog behaviour and have found that the most effective methods of teaching are to think like a dog in a pack would. Do you ever hear of a wolf giving a cub a treat to listen to them? No. It's ludacris! I'm actually quite insulted by your comments and I will never recommend treat trainers, clicker's, or halti's to any of the people I come into contact with. No dog breed I have EVER come accross needs bribery to do simple tasks. That's just an easy way out and most people taht do use treats, only use it because it's easy. Simple as that.
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