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Hi guys,
We took Sheriff to Petsmart puppy classes and we loved it! The trainer was so nice, and Sheriff learned tonnes! Everytime we take Sheriff to Petsmart he heads for the training area first, if Rebecca is there he can't contain his wiggle bum. He loves her. We've now hired her for the private lessons (Sheriff still has some tugging issues when he walks on lead, and due to our shift work it is so hard to co-ordinate going to regular classes.)
For me the issue is not necessarily where the classes take place, but more does the trainer work well with the dogs? Does the trainer really love dogs? Is my dog learning?
Just my thoughts.... we were very happy with the specific trainer we had at Petsmart. I am not advocating specifically for Petsmart, nor do I know anything about any of the other trainers working at other stores. I'm just saying Rebecca was great with our pup!!
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