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Hopefully your experience will be better than mine. I have a Pointer too.

Your comments sound painfully familiar to me as well. My Petey was a rescue, abandoned for being gun shy. At first, as you can read about in my post, he just ran right through it. Eventually the trainer's method was to drag him back and forth across the shock line, over and over again. From that point on, he was terrified of the yard. Once I finally got rid of the fence, it took me months working with another trainer to get him over his fear of the yard. The entire experience was a huge disaster for us. But as I said in my other post, I know a lot of other people that have great success with theirs. I just ask that you PLEASE never leave the trainer alone with the dog, not even for a moment. Mine basically abused my baby (I wasn't there, my sister was and they kept reassuring her this was part of their training process and it was fine) with their so called "stimulations" and caused him a lot of emotional damage. This was their solution after he kept running through it despite 7 months of their various training methods. It took months with my regular trainer to get him over it. I know mine is an extreme case, but just be careful and trust your instincts!
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