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Thanks for coming on here PetTrainerMeeko. I just have to say as a dog trainer myself, that I would never recommend PetSmart to anyone that is serious about training.

Having a class in the middle of a store is not a distraction. Using treats and clickers is no way to train a dog. How does PetSmart suggest weening an owner's dog off of treats? How do you train if you forget your treats or clicker at home? I'm really curious, not trying to be judgemental.

Real training is done outdoors with nothing but a 6 foot leash and a collar. That's all you should need and your dog should listen to you out of respect for you, not for a treat. That's like bribing your kids with money to do their homework! What will make them do their homework when you're broke?

I'm really sorry if you're offended, but I've seen dogs that are trained with treats and they become food agressive and end up in shelters. They don't listen to their owners and if the treats not good enough, they won't listen. I'm also saying this out of experience as my oldest dog was treat trained when I first got her, and she snatched food right out of my hand! Now, she's learned to respect me and that's why she listens to me. I didn't know any better but have learned that treat training is the most horrible thing to teach your dog. JMO.

TalonsMa, if you're serious about training, PetPlanet in Calgary is an amazing place. I don't work for them, but their trainer is awesome. PM me if you want to know more.
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