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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
I think they're already Dog, Border Collie (in touch with his Inner Sheep) and Beagle (in touch with his Inner Bunny). I'm hoping Cerberus will find his forever home before we have to deal with any personality conflicts! Not sure if hazel, madame hazel and TDFO will ever fully accept the little pest, but I get along with him okay.

So now we've got to remember:

1. Hazel
2. Madame Hazel
4. Cerberus
5. Dog
6. Border Collie aka Inner Sheep
7. Beagle aka Inner Bunny
8. Cole
9. Cass
10. Ridge
11. Macie
12. Ember
13. Lil Belle
14. Brier
15. Grace

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