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non-useful update

Non useful because it doesn't clarify what happened or why.
After the vet predicted inevitable and fairly quick doom, basically that my buddy was a dead man walking, my buddy promptly did exactly what the vet said wouldn't happen - got better.
The yellow is fading visibly, urine colour, appetite, all back to normal, strength coming back fast, etc.
Hoping it isn't a temporary break. But all the way though this he hasn't acted like he thought he was dying or even badly sick. He's always been a tough, stubborn little SOB so hoping it will keep him on course now.

Anyway - if its useful to anyone - he's on Denosyl daily at 5:30PM, Royal Canin K/D and Reduced Protein. Taken for 1 hour walks daily (but that's because he loves walks, probably not for all cats).

@sugarcatmom - I know what you're saying, at first I thought it was just another case of "mainstream" vs "alternative" but it looks more like Standard Process vs Everyone. A lot of those watchdog groups are protecting their own interests though, so it is true you have to filter what they say.
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