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Lightbulb My two cents

How about a live chat?

It could be at specific times and feature guest hosts to share their expertise.
If it were posted days in advance, one seeking advice on a particular topic would have enough notice to join the chat.

It would be beneficial to all in this generous community.

Just my thoughts on how to improve an already pretty great board.

Newbie, Shelly
We have 4 very loved and spoiled kitty cats -

Itty Bitty, fixed male, born May 31, 2005 - he is 7 years old
Pumpkin, female, born April 30, 2006 - she is 6 years old
Chubs, female, born March 24, 2007 - she is 5 year old
Blackie, female, born March 24, 2007 - she is 5 year old

Itty Bitty and Pumpkin are the parents of Chubs and Blackie.
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