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Wink My input

New colours....

Light yellow
All mulitcoloured ()
Or my personal favourite colour, any shade of orange

And instead of having to click on one of the sub-forums to view who else is logged on, can we just see it on the main page??

Also on the main page instead of having a couple of access ways to the sub-forums (eg. general forum for cats and dogs, cat health forum, pet photography, off-topic forum ect.) then we could have one access point to it, so we don't have to go to next page to get different sub-foum titles (eg. dog behaviour, books, jokes and anecdotes, movies and t.v, opinions rants pet chat ect.) That way there is more room for more sub-forum titles, so we don't have to go from page to page.
That sounds complicated, but I don't know how else to put it

Pretty pretty please???

Soter (I love!)
Love cats
Love dogs

I do!!
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