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I think I am going to go with the PetSecure. It seems to be more well known in Canada. This is the company that I had the first claim thru. But with her claim I had to pay up front first and then I got a credit at the vet. They forgot to fax in the paperwork, so when we went in for an emergency they couldn't find it. So, I use my free office visit voucher for the first one. But, I had to go back b/c she had a reaction to the medication and it was causing a problem with her eyes. Her eyes are good now.
I did inquire about the pet insurance and they look into it. Found out that I was right and they put a credit for 80% of the bill on my account.
Now, I have received my enrollment papers from PetSecure and they are willing to waiver the enrollment fee, if I continue with them. I am planning to go with plan 1, but would like to know can you change plans if the pet gets older, etc. Has anyone has experience with this?
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